dimanche 24 septembre 2017

Get rid of toxins in your body in 48 hours!

Many women suffer from a lack of energy and feel tired for the simplest work they do, in addition to the presence of dark circles under the eyes, headaches and frequent insomnia. All these symptoms can be attributed to toxins in the body, which can be eliminated with the following diet:

Saturday :


Drink 250 ml of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning;
150 grams of oatmeal mixed with a tablespoon of flax seed;
250 ml green or black tea;
200 mg yogurt with 150 g fresh berries.

the lunch:

250 g of grilled Merlot;
200 g green salad, beets and thyme with a teaspoon olive oil;
Banana and a piece of melon;
Drink 250 ml of water at the end of the meal.


1/4 cup pumpkin seeds;
250 ml of water;
Green apple;
180 milliliters natural yoghurt.

the dinner:

150 grams of soft tuna grilled;
200 grams vegetable burner;
100 g salad with olive oil and lemon juice;
200 ml water or tea.



200 ml almond juice or yagurt;
200 ml green tea;
150 g oatmeal with flaxseed.

    the lunch:

Vegetables Soup;
200 grams grilled chicken breast;
150 gm pickles;
250 ml water.




Shandemar and carrot salad;
Whole Bake;

">A cup of nettle tea.This diet should be applied twice a year and focuses on a high percentage of water and a lower percentage of food. In the period of detoxification of the body, 250 ml of water should be consumed every morning on the stomach every week.

vendredi 22 septembre 2017

natural recipes to treat acid reflux esophagus

The acid reflux of the esophagus is a common health problem among men and women alike.
">Esophageal reflux causes the acidity of the throat to rise, causing great discomfort as well as nausea, which can lead to vomiting.Here are the natural recipes to get rid of this problem:

Drink 30 ml of aloe vera juice daily.
Add a tablespoon of natural apple vinegar to a cup of warm water and drink it.
Drink a warm drink from the slippery elm herb, it is rich in anti-inflammatory and immediately acidic.
Drink chamomile with warm water before sleeping, to get rid of acidity and grow well.

">Boil the soft ginger pieces in water for 10 minutes and then warm themIf you try these natural and inexpensive recipes, you will get good results from the first time. Dumy because it is in addition to the fight against acidity, all ingredients mentioned contain minerals and vitamins, in addition to antioxidants, inflammation and pain.

mercredi 20 septembre 2017

Discover the magical brew to get a flat belly in just 7 days

Most women suffer from abdominal fat nightmare, due to factors such as age, stress and lack of sleep, are difficult to remove easily.

  Here is the magic drink effective in dissolving abdominal fat in just 7 days.


• 1 tablespoon honey

• 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

• 1 cup fresh pampelum juice

How to prepare:

Mix all ingredients well, take two cups of the drink daily for seven days, then take a break for a week before resuming the system again.

lundi 18 septembre 2017

A natural trick to slim the waist and get rid of body fat

Here's a natural recipe for effective anti-body fat and slimming waist:

- Ingredients:

A small piece of fresh ginger root.

Some mint leaves are fresh.

8 cups of water.



Wash the leaves of mint and lemon, then cut into slices without crispy, then place all ingredients in a large jar and add the grated ginger.

Leave the mixture in the jar for a full night, then consume the water every time you feel thirsty, and you will notice the result after a week of consumption.

samedi 24 juin 2017

7 Tips for "dieting" relieves disease

Michael Paulan devised a set of tips for dieting, which he included in his famous book, Food Rules, to win healthy weight and improve public health. Here comes seven tips, including:1. Caution from the word "healthy" on food packages, since researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, demonstrated that any product carries a single "healthy" means that it has undergone a number of treatment processes, and thus is Not classified as whole or natural foods.2. Avoid "low fat" on the package, as low fat or low fat foods may be full of sugar to compensate for the weakness of the flavor.3. Increase the intake of leafy vegetables, to reduce the chances of health problems related to weight gain, such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It is known that a diet based on vegetables, especially paper, which will make us get fewer calories, which avoids weight gain, and strengthens the immune system in the body against chronic diseases.Researchers have found that quasi-vegetarians, who eat meat once a week and frequently eat vegetables and vegetarian "protein" foods, such as legumes, may be as healthy as vegetarians, With regular people who eat meat as part of their main meals, daily.5. Eat natural foods in all colors, especially green ones. In green vegetables antioxidants, in addition to a lot of body aids against chronic diseases.6. Sugar and salt moderately: In foods and beverages ready, a large amount of salt and sugar exceeds the needs of the individual daily. Therefore, be sure to buy canned soups whatever taste delicious, or soft drinks, or canned foods and chemically treated.7. Delete white flour products from food. In contrast, whole grains, such as whole wheat and brown bread, are preferred.

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