mercredi 22 mars 2017

Quick recipe for burning belly and belly fat

Quick recipe for burning belly and belly fat
The recipe for parsley and lemon
Ingredients and quantities:

30 cloves garlic peeled
4 lemon seeds
6 cups of water
3 Pack parsley cut

How to prepare:
- Put the water, garlic and lemon into slices in a pot on low heat until boiling and for an additional 10 minutes after boiling.

- Put the mixture over chopped parsley and keep in a bottle for a whole night.

- Take a cup of this drink daily before breakfast.

- It is forbidden to take this drink on the stomach free of those who suffer from stomach allergy or gastric ulcers.

- Continue on this drink for at least a month.

lundi 20 mars 2017

3-day diet to lose weight quickly

 3-day diet to lose weight quickly

With the advent of special occasions and you wanna get rid of some excess kilos, especially with the summer season, we present to you today a quick and effective diet program for a period of 3 days to get rid of excess weight and eliminate the problem of the accumulation of fat in the body.

Diet program for 3 days
First day

Cup of green tea, "sugar-free" before breakfast hour

Fruit fruit

Glass of milk


Any amount of one type of fruit


Average dish the size of a lentil soup

Vegetables added with authority apple cider vinegar and lemon juice

You can eat an apple or any quantity Islands

the second day

A glass of warm lemon juice with "sugar-free" water before breakfast hour

A cup of soy milk

A banana


Average dish of vegetable soup


A dish of vegetable salad

A glass of carrot juice

the third day

Cup of green tea, "sugar-free" before breakfast hour


Average dish of vegetable soup


Average dish of vegetable soup

A dish of vegetable salad

A glass of milk, unsweetened

samedi 18 mars 2017

Get rid of the emergence of the abdomen with a rapid diet

Diet rumen is a great way to get rid of belly fat and get the strength curvaceous very femininity where diet rumen depends on the change after eating habits as well as the secret lies in it contains unsaturated, which can be seen everywhere in the oils and fish fat, avocado and flax, soybean, sesame sowing .

Those unknown impact on burn fat and get rid of the fat buttocks and abdominal fat quickly in addition to the many health benefits

Rumen diet focuses on low-fat eating fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein, and is the work of the rumen diet six days a week for four weeks to get rid of belly fat and buttocks quickly.

Diet rumen is divided into the first two phases spanning four days and is aimed at getting rid of flatulence and the emergence of the rumen and the creation of the body to get ready to burn belly fat and rumen quickly, the spectrum eating 1200 calories a day with a mix of rich in vitamin C citrus fruits such as oranges, Aliossify kiwi with the need to drink ml = Alaigl for three liters of water a day in the first phase of the diet rumen.

Diet rumen first stage system

Breakfast: cornflakes cup + cup skimmed milk + hanging precariously from sunflower seeds + ½ cup pineapple pieces

lunch: half a loaf of my country + a little olive oil, a can of tuna

Dinner: half a cup grilled mushrooms in half hanging from the oil + grilled chicken breast without skin

Snack between meals: Eat sliced ​​pineapple + hanging from pills linseed

The second phase of the diet rumen reduce the number of calories to 800 calories and is made up of

Breakfast: oatmeal with almonds and whole poached apples and sweetener honey bees

lunch: steak sandwich with grilled tomatoes and option + tomato salad

Dinner: piece of smoked salmon + tablespoons almonds + cup soy NAPT

Tips for effective diet

The diversity of the food is provided by the desire to be in the low-fat grilled or sauteed image and can switch to add tuna fish and salmon with the need to reduce carbohydrates.

Exercise is essential for the success of any diet healthy and active for at least half an hour a day with an emphasis on abdominal exercises to quickly get rid of the rumen and strengthen the abdominal muscles program.

Add unsaturated fat to your meals is the active ingredient to lose weight and get rid of the rumen but it's not the main reason for the lack of success of weight to get rid of belly fat depends on the application of a healthy diet and exercise to stimulate the body to burn more fat

jeudi 16 mars 2017

How to remove cellulite naturally

How to remove cellulite naturally
Cellulite is a nightmare suffered by the fairer sex, so we will give you today several ways to get rid of this problem.
The best ways to treat cellulite final:

Lemon juice
Lemon essential oils
Sweet almond oil
Cypress essential oils
Cellulite Treatment final

Preparation methods
The first way:
Madam must get used to drink a glass of lemon juice a day in the morning on an empty stomach. And Tsttiein well as drinking a glass of water with the addition of a few drops of lemon essential oil.
The second method:
Rub the affected areas such as the thighs and buttocks mix almond oil, lemon oil, essential oils and aromatic cypress (equal) amounts.
The third way:

For the processing of massage oil to combat cellulite, blending 95% of sweet almond oil, 0.3% of lemon essential oil and 2% of cypress oil. Affected areas Balsilolit massage every night before going to sleep.

mercredi 15 mars 2017

Natural juice To accelerate the the digestion process

To accelerate the digestion and metabolism process should eat natural products contain a high percentage of fiber with drinking plenty of water between meals. To stimulate the process of intestinal transit add some natural juices that help it.
Banana juice and yogurt:
You need to:
Ripe banana
Cup yogurt (200 g)

Piece ginger
How to prepare:
1. In a blender place all national components.
2. nationalist Mix all ingredients until Taathsali a homogeneous mixture.
3. You eat this drink before lunch.

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