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Best ways to lose weight in a week at home

The steps of slimming the abdomen in a very short period are as follows:

Breakfast: Breakfast The only meal that the body burns all day long and this article contains the specifications of healthy breakfast with the commitment to exercise as a sports exercise even if you leave before your time to work a little early and walk until you reach your work.
Drink plenty of water: Studies indicate that drinking water constantly throughout the day can lead to a more active metabolism, regardless of a daily diet. Drinking more water also helps your body take out waste / toxins and improve your overall health. You can drink a glass of water 8 times a day.
Refrain from soft drinks: drastically reduce alcohol, sugary drinks (such as cola, Pepsi, and all diet drinks), and soft drinks.
Walking is one of the easiest exercises you can do daily in DAT. Its effect is more effective than you expect to reduce abdominal pain. You should keep walking at least 3 times a week, for example Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

">Do a stomach workout:Exercise to lower stomach

Exercise is one of the best abdominal exercises in a short period where you lie on your back and then raise the upper half was returned to the first position, such as the picture almost 15 times and repeat the exercise 4 times until you feel tired, you can do this exercise daily
Follow-up dieting Abdominal slimming: Concentrated recipes and dieting methods to reduce the belly fast natural drinks that burn fat in the abdomen and thus reduce weight, and this comes to be careful to follow a balanced system of drinks that contribute radically to the work of dieting abdominal slimming.
Calories: You should reduce your calorie intake daily. You should look for a range of foods that you can eat and feel full with a few calories including apples.Maintain the process of abdominal slimming:The process of maintaining your belly and your body shape and avoiding weight gain in the abdominal area requires regularity in food, exercise, and healthy diet, so prevention methods are important and priority after the elimination of excess weight, so we will show the most important ways to control your weight and area Belly in particular.

One of the first ways to get a consistent tight belly is to take care of the diet, stay away from foods outside the home and be careful to use spice from spices and salts in food and reduce carbohydrates.
Take care to drink water daily in the early morning when waking up from sleep.
Keep drinking natural drinks and juices and keep away from soft drinks that increase the swelling of the abdomen due to the gases entering the abdomen.
Exercise is important and maintaining fitness is a vital factor for strengthening the body and increase the activity of metabolism, which contributes to the elimination of weight in the abdomen with a special cat.

mercredi 19 avril 2017

Weight loss of 5 kg in 5 days

Weight loss of 5 kg in 5 daysWe will give you a recipe for weig

ht loss magic, which enables you to lose 5 kilograms of weight in a short period of 5 days, less than a week, this description is natural and depends mainly on lemon, they are low cost and their materials readily available in the kitchen and throughout the year, Lemon with a view to weight loss and to rid the rumen quickly.Lemon is used in this recipe wonderful and healthy and tasty, lemon contains a lot of important and useful substances and works also to burn fat and eliminate the viruses that cause the flu, now and through the lemon recipe for weight loss will be able to get rid of the rumen completely in a period of time and without a simple stress Big or trouble.LemonIngredients recipe recipe weight loss by lemon:1 - half a liter of water.2 - 1/4 tablespoon cinnamon.4- Two medium-sized lemon fruits.5. Mixing vessel.6 - sugar (you can dispense with it).How to prepare:

Age of lemon and remove seeds from juice.
Put water in the pot and add lemon juice.
Add sugar as needed.
Then add cinnamon.
Boil the mixture over a low heat.
For those who wish to drink the mixture is cold, it does not boil, but mixes it well.
It is recommended to eat breakfast before breakfast and before meals

lundi 17 avril 2017

A fast and easy recipe recipe will make you lose 20 kilos

A fast and easy recipe recipe will make you lose 20 kilos
">A quick, simple, easy-to-prepare recipe for weight loss of approximately 20 kg of belly fat, belly fat, crunch and buttocks, a recipe for natural syrup and is a very quick recipe.The benefit of this recipe is to dissolve the grease around the rumen area and thus get rid of obesity in the area of ​​the rumen to make your shape more agile and also lose you 20 kilo without any effort or harsh exercises and within a short per
iod of time.
Quick recipe recipeQuick recipe recipeQuick recipe recipe ingredients:1 tablespoon large honey2 tablespoons turmeric3 tablespoons grated lemon4 cups warm waterPreparation: Mix all these ingredients to get the most delicious juice you may taste in your life and then drink twice in the first day on the emptiness and the second just before sleep.

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Recipe slimming 0.5 kilo in just 5 days

Recipe slimming 3 kilo in just 5 daysIt is prescribed to lose weight by 3 kg in just 5 daysWeight loss recipe using lemon and parsley one of the easiest and fastest recipes dieting and slimming and the most effective if they are committed to exercise and exercise and move away from fast food and un

healthy foods that contain large amounts of fat and calories.

This recipe and in just 5 days will make you lose 3 kg with full body cleaningDescription components:. Sour lemon. Garlic parsley. A large glass of waterFirst, the parsley is chopped into a large mixer. And then the lemon juice and add the juice to a large glass of water with chopped parsley.This recipe is characterized by its ability to burn a large number of calories and food at the same time with vitamins and minerals.Parsley also helps digest food better and remove excess body fat in just 5 days.Dosage:You should drink a cup of this drink every morning on an empty stomach to get a satisfactory result from the first week of use.

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Decreased weight of the thighs and ways to lose weight thighs:

Decreased weight of the thighs and ways to lose weight thighs:Here are some important things to keep in mind when trying to lose weight:
">Powerful exercise

Such as weight lifting exercises or vigorous exercises help to burn fat. Increased training helps to quickly burn fat. This high-intensity exercise is shortened by HIIT. This exercise gives double results for other exercises. It is designed to move from high intensity exercise to intensity in short periods of time. This exercise maintains the muscles and targets the fatty tissues only. This exercise increases the speed of burning calories.Cardiac exercise: For adults, exercise must be done for 152 minutes to maintain good health, either by going to the gym or exercising at home. Did you know that you can burn nearly 800 calories when riding a bike for an hour?Collective exercises: Running on a treadmill helps to burn fat for a long time. The body becomes warm and ready to practice abdominal exercises and thus helps increase fat burning speed.Exercises focused on the thigh: such as lifting the leg aside and jumping on the trampoline. And exercises flexibility of abdominal muscles and squatting exercises are effective exercises to reduce the waist circumference.Nutrition: Monitor the calories you eat in your meals to maintain your health. Balancing your diet is the best way to give you fast weight loss:Here are some tips to help you start a diet that helps you lose weight:Apple: A very healthy ingredient contains antioxidants that prevent the symptoms of metabolism.Eggs: A good way to lose weight, as it gives a feeling of satiety for long hours.Oats: There are different types of oats good for weight loss as it contains a quantity of fiber.Lentils: It is the best way to tighten the abdomen and helps in the prevention of high insulin, which causes excess fat, especially the sweet waist, so you start to eat lentils now.Goji berries: Contains amino acids and proteins that inhibit appetite.Salmon: Fish oil is known for good heart health, it is also useful to reduce the waist circumference because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which improves the sensitivity of insulin, which in turn helps to build muscle and reduce the accumulation of fat around the waist.Wheat: Contains a high percentage of fiber and protein is a good alternative when losing weight.Blue berries: Contains a high percentage of antioxidants and all types of berries are good in weight loss.Dark chocolate: Eating a small cube of dark chocolate reduces the desire to eat more food by 14%Avacado: A good ingredient for weight loss.

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